The pharmaceutical industry is largely run by Leftists, stunning new research finds… vaccine mandates, drugging of children, chemotherapy and more

New research led by Crowdpac, a nonpartisan polling group, has taken a hard look at federal campaign contributions across a number of different industries. And as it turns out, Big Pharma is largely run by members of the Left-wing — as is the entertainment industry, the news media, academia, tech and other influential industries. Across the board, liberals are dominating some very powerful arenas, and often are virtually unchallenged by anyone else in their profession.

Ideological echo chambers exist not just on social media but across a variety of industries — it is no wonder leftist ideologies are now running amok. Take a look at Big Tech: As the Crowdpac data indicates, tech is largely a liberal industry. Some of the biggest tech companies right now are patting each other on the back for censoring conservatives as “hate speech.” They have no foil, and there are no conservative tech companies to take a stand against this blatant abuse of power.

Similarly, Big Pharma is also largely run by leftists — which explains the industry’s continuous attempts at overthrowing personal autonomy by way of vaccine mandates, medical kidnapping and more.

Big Pharma is part of the authoritarian Left

To conduct their research, Crowdpac assigned individual donors a “score” of being more liberal or conservative, based on who they donated money to. Crowdpac founder and CEO Steve Hilton told Business Insider that the goal of this research is to provide people with “good objective, nonpartisan information about the candidates on their ballot in a simple form that they can understand.”

He added that “research shows that campaign contributions are the best predictor of how a candidate will behave in office.” Hilton says the hope is that more small donations will reduce the pull of “big money” in politics.

The research led by Crowdpac has also provided insight into the political leanings of major industries here in the United States:

[Source: Crowdpac via Zero Hedge]

A more detailed view of Big Pharma’s political leanings:

[Source: Crowdpac via Zero Hedge]

The pharmaceutical industry is overwhelmingly liberal with a score of 2.8L — though not quite as liberal as Big Tech, the news media, academia or the entertainment industry, who are admittedly hard to beat when it comes to radical leftism.

As the industry which stands to profit most from vaccine mandates, toxic chemotherapy, medical kidnapping and more, it is no surprise that Big Pharma votes for liberals: A vote for Big Government means a vote for big money for them.

Big Pharma and Big Government go hand-in-hand

The pharmaceutical industry’s campaign donations are just the tip of the iceberg when it come to Big Pharma’s ties to Big Government. For example, Senator Dr. Richard Pan is notorious for his involvement in creating vaccine mandates in California, SB277.

Senator Pan has extensive ties to the pharma industry, having received an estimated $95,000 from Merck alone during the 2010 election cycle. Reports indicate that Pan received another campaign donation from a pharma company just before diving into SB277. Over the years, pharma companies have donated millions of dollars to California political candidates.

Sen. Pan also recently drafted a bill which would criminalize all discussion on vaccine dangers in entirety. Another recent bill, also backed by Pan, would see children medically kidnapped by Big Government.

And it’s not just individual politicians, either — the pharma industry has entire federal agencies doing their bidding. Look no further than the CDC for proof of that. As Natural News has reported in the past, the CDC is a corrupt organization that colludes with vaccine manufacturers.

One of the more shocking yet little known details is that the CDC takes money from Big Pharma indirectly through a shadow organization known as The CDC Foundation. This foundation’s sole purpose is to accept money from Big Pharma and other corporations, and funnel it to a federal agency. As reported:

During the 2016 fiscal year alone, the CDC Foundation raised over $42 million. The donor list for that year includes dozens of corporations, but some of the more notable ones include Bayer Corporation, Cargill, Inc., The Coca Cola Company, Genzyme Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer Foundation, United Industries Corporation, and countless others.

This is government-sanctioned corruption at its finest. But it gets worse: Medical kidnappings are on the rise, and you can bet that Big Pharma’s ties to Big Government are to blame.

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